fredag 25. juli 2014

CSI - case file #132

A new case file at CSI for you to solve.

This is the last case file for me as a spesial investigator. It has beed real fun to be a part of CSI, thank you for having me as a guest designer.

Here is how I solved this case.

Evidence: branche, Food accents, string and bird.
Testimony: The journaling is about Food.

"Fole Godt" is a restaurant in Molde who has these yummi "cinnabon"

But I have a recipe at home on some lovely "cinabon" too :)
Please visit the CSI blog and join us for this case file.

1 kommentar:

  1. Så fin!
    Tänk att en bild på en bulle kan bli ett helt konstverk?! WOW!

    Gillar alldeles speciellt detaljen med bullpappret och snöret, fantastiskt kreativt!